Sneak preview of our new mast driven goods lift

New MDL Industrial models for logistics and warehousing

Our MDLs have been making the vertical transportation of goods safer and more efficient for a long time. Now our new MDL Industrial models will be joining our existing range. They are designed and constructed to meet the needs of advanced logistics centers and warehouses. Elevator companies, integrators and contractors will appreciate the extensive standardization and weld-free assembly that make installation, service and maintenance quick and easy.

Mast driven goods lift

Mast driven goods lift

Our new MDL Industrials can lift 1500 kg up to 9 m. Platform sizes range from 1300×1200 mm to 1700×1200 mm, so they can easily handle pallets and trucks. Smart design and rugged construction guarantee safe, vibration-free lifting even at extreme heights. And with no pit or mast required, they are easy and very economical to transport, install and use.

MDL Industrial models join our existing MDLs and single-/double-scissor solutions in a comprehensive range that meets all your indoor goods lifting needs.

For further information, please contact your local representative at LogiMAT.