New ultra-compact M0 lift table

The need for lightweight and compact lifting solutions is growing. Not only is the cost of warehouse space rising relentlessly, but also distribution is becoming increasingly robotized with automated guided vehicles (AGVs). More compact lifting solutions offer both direct and indirect savings. VPG already offers the smallest lift table on the market, the M0. Now the company is making it even more compact.

Fredrik Johansson, project manager at VPG for the new model, says they wanted to produce a solution for tomorrow’s logistics and distribution centers as well as for advanced AGV applications.

Making the smallest lift table even more compact

“We already had the smallest lift table on the market, our classic M0 model, which has proved its worth to a wide range of customers over many years. All we had to do was make it even smaller – quite a challenge!” says Fredrik. “Forget the comfort zone. It was time to think right outside the box.” The project team came up with a way to integrate the hydraulic unit into the lift table, making it more compact overall. “Minimal space, maximal savings – that was what we were looking for, and we have achieved it with our new compact M0.”

“We have made our new M0 more compact, yet also more robust than the classic model,” says Fredrik. “We use thicker steel for the scissors, which improves stability, particularly laterally.” The benefits are clear: less risk of injury to operators, and less risk of damage to falling goods.

New service-friendly construction

Regular service is important, even for equipment as robust as the M0. “We do recommend professional service to keep your M0 operating with peak performance,” says Fredrik. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that a change in legislation, for example, means minor modifications are needed. “Welded construction was extensive in the old M0,” says Fredrik. “In the new model we use bolts more widely. Now you can just open up the table and swap out a part if necessary. It saves vital time, and it is better for the environment, too.”

Quick installation and environmentally friendlier shipping

Its new construction and greater compactness make the new M0 easier than ever to install. Thanks to the built-in hydraulics, you simply position the table, plug it in, and switch on. There is no need to install extra cabling for the hydraulics, or modify the shop floor. “The compactness has another benefit,” says Fredrik. “The table takes up less space when shipped, freeing up space for other goods and cutting carbon emissions overall – something that is good for all of us.”

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