Meet the new Jihab UXB lift table

The muscle power and flexibility of our new UXB table will help you streamline material flows and improve factory or warehouse efficiency. We build it with top-quality components to make sure you benefit from decades of safe, trouble-free operation.

Jihab UXB lift table

Our compact UXB saves you time at every stage, with all parts easily accessible. For example, it is equipped with lifting eyes for quick and precise positioning, with no pit required. To make life simpler in day-to-day operations, the oil tank has a gauge that makes it easy to read the level. We have also made the wear strips and anodized axles and bushes easily replaceable to simplify service.

Safety first
We know how important it is for you to keep your people safe and active. The UXB’s robust, long-life design prevents movement that might cause injury, with an aluminum profile safety frame that gives further protection against trapped hands and feet. In the unlikely event of a hose failure, valves inside the cylinders immediately stop downward movement to prevent injury.

We look after the machine, too. The compact hydraulic unit has an IP55 motor with overheat protection. And the hydraulic pump has a pressure-relief valve that avoids the risk of damage to the UXB if it is overloaded. We even provide props to ensure total safety during service and maintenance.

Comprehensive accessories program
We have developed a comprehensive program of accessories for the UXB, all designed to work together in harmony to ensure safe, speedy operation:
• Infeeder eliminates downtime during high-speed line feeding/loading
• Safety barriers provide maximum protection for people, goods and machinery, even in collisions with trucks
• Separate high-efficiency oil cooler enables high-duty operation
• Positioning sensors ensure trouble-free operation
• Frequency converter maintains perfect flow at different conveyor speeds

Detailed product sheet available
You can download our detailed Jihab UXB lift table product sheet now.