Improved customer service with total IT makeover

VPG has recently had a total IT makeover – hardware, software, and everything that joins it all up! “It was a tough job,” says Leif Karlsson, IT Manager at VPG. “But worth the effort, because we can now offer our customers wholly new possibilities in the ways they work with us. We have made our support and service faster and more secure and convenient.”

A long weekend
The work was planned meticulously, and took three straight 24-hour days over a long weekend. “Our IT team pulled out all the stops,” says Leif. “And we had great support from Diflex, our IT services supplier. They provide us with a complete package including operation, network, licenses, and support. They also share our goal of making everything work – and keep working.”

COVID-19 restrictions blocked travel plans, of course. However, that did not stop work at VPG’s sales offices abroad. They were able to carry out the network installation themselves with the help of remote guidance from Diflex. VPG offices around the world can now work together seamlessly.

Customer focus pays off
The makeover gives customers faster service and support, with easy single-point access to VPG’s experts and their accumulated knowledge and experience. “We have made it easier to communicate with us via chat, webinars, and other online services, which will save our customers a lot of time,” Leif points out. Less visible benefits include improved security and cyber-protection. “Less visible, but still important. We are now much less vulnerable to business risks in that area, so we can offer the continuity our customers appreciate.”

The makeover went even more smoothly than had been hoped, and Leif appreciates the patience and dedication of everyone involved. “There were a couple of glitches, but we prioritized carefully and solved them step-by-step,” says Leif. “We in IT can now look forward to improving our customer solutions instead of fixing IT issues.”