How to turn summer downtime into safe, dependable uptime

The first targets – safety and compliance

As VPG’s UK Sales Director, Robert Isaacson meets a wide range of customers across many sectors. He has developed a detailed appreciation of what it takes to make the most of the summer downtime.

If plant-critical equipment fails during operation, the cost could run into thousands per hour. The summer downtime is the ideal opportunity to maintain your equipment, ensure the safety and welfare of personnel, and ensure equipment is working optimally.

“Our service offer is your route to our expertise. Your lifting solution needs to be reviewed at least once a year, and we will advise on what is needed, and when, for your particular setup.”

Use your summer downtime to assure future uptime

Detlev Dernbrack, Sales Manager at VPG, recognizes that customers expect their lift tables to simply keep working. “But it is still important to have your lift tables inspected and serviced regularly to make sure they do. Our lift tables have a modular design that speeds troubleshooting, service, and repairs. Our advice to every production manager is to take preventive action at a time like the summer to maximize output in the future. Our experts can spot many of the physical signs that warn of possible problems ahead.”

Your summer downtime is when we get busy

“Your summer quiet period is the perfect opportunity to prepare for a busy second half-year,” says Robert. “Contact us as soon as possible to plan your service visit. Safety, compliance, maintenance – whatever you need to meet your seasonal challenges, we are here ready for you.”

The offer is limited to UK and Germany, July 2019.

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