How big? How heavy? How high? How often?

Work positioners put objects in the right place at the right time for the worker. The improved ergonomics raise productivity and reduce waste and the risk of injury – a win-win for both employer and employee. As the working population ages, and obesity becomes more prevalent, solutions like these will become increasingly important to your profitability.

“More generally, if you want a lean operation you must have good ergonomics, because ergonomic problems cause production bottlenecks,” observes Stefan Petersson, market director Jihab. Unfortunately, you cannot expect to overcome the problem by removing people from your system. “Many tasks cannot be effectively automated,” he says.

How to specify equipment
“The easy way to start is to ask yourself basic questions about your positioning problem,” Petersson continues. “Size, weight, height to be lifted, and frequency are the key parameters. With that information, a good supplier can determine the right solution for your operation.”

Jihab work positioners lift loads up to 3000 kg quickly and safely by up to 1100 mm. This tested, reliable, and cost-effective solution is backed by a comprehensive range of accessories, and comes with the assurance of compliance with EN 1570-1. Heavy-duty construction ensures a long working life with a very attractive TCO.