Digitalizing our business brings you savings and efficiencies

These days, big data is the key to better customer service and higher product quality. But as My Hoffman, our Customer Support Manager, says, “We can only hit the levels we are aiming for, the things that really help our customers when we have full control over the data.” That control comes from our new ERP system, which went live in December ready for a completely new set-up for next year. “We are doing everything we can to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible,” says My. “This is a big step on our way to the full digitalization that will bring you smarter ordering, delivery tracking, and invoicing.”

In the short term, customers should be aware that they will be given a new customer number. And our invoices, order confirmations, etc., will have a new look. “Our goal is to make a real difference – not only saving you time and money, but also making it easier than ever to do business with us,” says My.