Coronavirus: manufacturing and supply chain status update

Our current status

  • Manufacturing – all sites worldwide fully supplied and operational
  • Availability – all normal for components, products, and spare parts
  • Logistics upstream –all supplies assured
  • Logistics downstream – deliveries assured; customer support assists all the way


We understand that during the pandemic your logistics and supply chain will come under increasing pressure. Many of you will be vital links in the supply of medicines and equipment needed to fight the disease, and the goods that keep households and society going.

We would like to assure you that we are here to support you. Not only with our quick, safe, and reliable lift tables, which play a vital role in your business, but also with assured delivery, service and spare parts.

We have carried out a comprehensive review of our own upstream suppliers. We have established that they have robust stocks, systems, and plans in place. Our needs, and therefore yours, will continue to be met.

Pär Martinsson, Sourcing Manager, says: “We want to help make sure your own business continues to run as smoothly as possible during the pandemic. Despite all the uncertainties around the coronavirus, we are able to offer you full ongoing support, from advice to products and service. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me direct: office +46 (0)431 44 93 00,”