How to ensure your CE-marked lift table is safe in use

It is often thought that a lift table is safe in use because it is CE-marked and fully compliant with EN 1570 (Safety requirements for lifting tables). This misunderstanding can impact employees’ health and safety, with all the consequential costs – human and financial – involved. Understanding your installation – and your responsibilities The first […]


Easy, safer pallet unloading improves ergonomics for Aritco

Aritco is an award-winning manufacturer of specialist lifts for public and home settings worldwide. When Production Technician Almir Cehic wanted to improve ergonomics and safety in the Stockholm production facility, he found the solution in the PalletPal spring level loader. Almir has worked in assembly as well as production management, so his operational and strategic […]


Golden opportunity to save up to 40% on pallet loading times

Turntables are kept busy in most warehouses and distribution centers. They are often taken for granted, which means the extra costs incurred by inefficient performance can be overlooked. Our new PalletPal low-profile disc turntable delivers high levels of efficiency and ergonomics. It is an ultra-safe package that offers valuable savings of up to 40% on […]


New ultra-compact M0 lift table

The need for lightweight and compact lifting solutions is growing. Not only is the cost of warehouse space rising relentlessly, but also distribution is becoming increasingly robotized with automated guided vehicles (AGVs). More compact lifting solutions offer both direct and indirect savings. VPG already offers the smallest lift table on the market, the M0. Now […]