How Irish whiskey is made with bullet-proof safety

Transferring barrels with bullet-proof safety Millions of people enjoy Irish whiskey, neat or in Irish coffee, for example. Those exquisite flavors are the result of distillers’ sensitive palates, and traditional craft skills perfected over centuries. But there is another side to the distillery, one that involves some heavy lifting. And that demands a totally up-to-date […]


Your privacy is our priority

Your privacy is our priority because we believe you must feel confident about how we manage your personal information. We aim to be as transparent as possible about the personal data we collect when we provide our services, about how we use it, and about who we share it with. With this in mind, we […]


Lifting tables for high speed and heavy use

Table type: JXY3-90/25 Mechanical data Capacity 900 kg Platform size 1850×1090 mm Lift stroke 2500 mm Lifting time 19 s Closed height 630 mm Other This table will be used in a very difficult environment. The scissors are reinforced and the table is all hot dipped galvanized and equipped with a central lubrication system because of […]